Meet YoUR TEaM

Charles Wright

Sales and Consultations - With decades of experience in the low voltage industry, Chuck is the first person at your home with an arsenal of ideas and knowledge to share. Not only does he advise you all all aspects of your home but also gets into the installation process.

Brett Dudley
Brett, along side Chuck, helps make sure the company is running smoothly. He does a little bit of everything, so he can always be there to help with whatever is needed!

Kaitlyn Dudley

​Office manager. Call today and speak with her about scheduling your next job!

Along with Chuck and Brett, we have multiple technicians who stay in the field every day to make sure ever job is completed and satisfactory.


about us

We are a family business that focuses on installing your home with technology that is functional and attractive. We love to create an environment that is both easy to use and reliable, not to mention enjoyable.  We provide in home consultation services in both the pre-wire phase and top-out phase.